Lefki Savvidou aka Lé Boob, (b.1990, Cyprus) is a visual artist, writer and illustrator. She uses text as her main medium for her work, which focuses on human relationships and life’s perceptions in the 21st century and likes to challenge the modern day life. Since 2011 she has taken part in solo and group exhibitions in Cyprus, the UK and Greece and was one of Bucketfeets (US/JP) artists whose shoe design has been selling worldwide for the past 5 years. Her work has also appeared in numerous magazines and independent zines and publications. 

Lefki Savvidou aka Lé Boob
Visual Artist/Illustrator/Creative Writer/Tattoo Artist | Cyprus
Cyprus Visual Artists Association member
Bucket Feet
Le Porc: shoe design
Education & Qualifications
2012, BA(Hons) Illustration, Middlesex University, London (UK)
2009, BTEC Foundation Diploma in Art & Design, UCA (University of the Creative Arts), Canterbury (UK)     
2020, 30/10 - 25/11, Everything Flows
2020, 24/08 - 24/09, Phytorio: Cyprus Visual Artists Association
2020, "Fragments", part of the residency with Everything Flows
2020, Fly Your Flag project, invited artist, Amsterdam, NL
2020, "Data Harvesting", part of the residency at Phytorio: Cyprus Visual Artists Association
2020, regnōsis: an online exhibition, Artist & Co-organiser
2019, “This Era, Their Interpritation”, (group exhibtion) CHEAPART 84th TIF-Helexpo, Thessaloniki, GR
2018, "It's Not You, It's The 21st Century /// Part 1", (solo exhibition), Nicosia, CY 
2018, "Hip Hop Cocktails Exhibition", (book launch exhibition), The Doodle Bar, London UK
2017, "Livres d 'Artistes: Retrospective in the' Artist's Book 'in Cyprus from 1960 until today" (group exhibition),
          The Zambella Museum of Art, Nicosia, CY
2017, "Sardam" (Literary Festival), Limassol, CY
2015, "Easy As", (book launch exhibition), Light Eye Mind, London UK
2015, "Design for Peace", CUT (Cyprus University of Technology), Limassol, CY
2014, "Memoirs of a Trash Culture", (solo exhibition), Prozak Kafeneio, Nicosia, CY
2014, "Tales From the Deep", (book launch exhibition), Hackney Pirates, London, UK
2014, “Ahoy,” Espacio Gallery, London, UK
2013, “Hybrids are Here to Stay”, (solo exhibition), City Press Pop Up Shop, Nicosia, CY
2013, “The Greatest Show on Earth”, The Gallery on the Corner, London, UK
2013, “Curiouser and Curiouser”, Curious Duke Gallery, London, UK
2012, “Sancti Clandestini: Undercover Saints”, (book launch exhibition), Poetry Society, London, UK   
2011, “Κουτσακοτίρκα”, Skia Cultural Spot, Nicosia, CY 
2011, “Lomography”, Skia Cultural Spot, Nicosia, CY
2020, Art, anxiety and the stay-at-home lifestyle (CY), Cyprus Mail Artist Interview
2020, #ThroughTheVisionOfLefki - Ideas Worth Sharing (FR), Radio Loumbard Feature
2020, Get to Know regnosis an online exhibition w/Lefki (FR), Radio Loumbard Guest
2020, Philenews (CY), Interview
2019, A Minute With (CY), Cyprus Mail Artist Profile
2018, "Changes" - The Bowie Zine (UK), Drawn Chorus Collective Zine, Single Page Illustration
2018, Another Country (CY), Write CY Artist Interview
2018, "Hip Hop Cocktails", The Hip Hop Cocktail Book by Various Artists, Single Page Illustration,
          Published by Blue Monday Press
2017, Not Square (CY), Self Published Zine, Issue #2
2017Not Square (CY), Self Published Zine, Issue #1
2016, Two Cities Review (Chicago/New York, USA)), Online Poem Feature
2016, "ANTENNAS" (CY), Self Published Zine
2016, "The Secret Diaries Of A Non-Smoker" (CY), Self Published Zine
2015, "Easy As", Alphabet Book by Various Artists, Double Page Illustration 
2015, "Forever Nowhere" (CY), Self Published Zine
2014, "Tales From The Deep", Graphic Novel by Various Artists, Short Story Illustration 
2014, Forbidden Planet (UK), Comic Book Anthology Review
2014, Design Juices (UK), Feature
2014, Cosmopolitan (CY), August Issue, Artist Interview
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2012, “Sancti Clandestini: Undercover Saints”, by Maggie Butt (UK), Book Illustration feature