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cinderella, don't forget

In this body of work, the artist explores time in the conditioned mind, transitioning to the unconditioned by letting the past dictate the present, which in turn dictates the future, whilst daily sitting idly staring at screens and at each other. Observing duality - the conditioned mind as material form, that which perceives, cognizes the surroundings and emotions and the unconditioned which enters the realms of the transitory - everlasting existence. Transitoriness, as history transformed into memory; images merely based on a true story, bodies breaking down into particles, appearing and reappearing as new manifestations. This raises the question…Is time in actuality a linear process, like the human mind understands it to be? An object of perception? Is it really an illusion? It is an amalgamation of everything. Within this lack of discernment of reality, the contemplation of materiality, capitalistic notions, the human conduct and how we position ourselves in the whole or how we crave to do so are well attributed by the use of reclaimed artifacts and contradicting colors, all engaging with the artist’s wording. Storytelling, which alludes to her battle of emotions, a lingering sadness, a longing for something, a dissatisfaction, paired with a great deal of sarcasm. She confides her personal vulnerability hoping to open a gate of intimacy with the viewer. The human mind, prone to wreak havoc, withholds what it should give, stands where it shouldn’t be and disappears where it's most needed. The set table invites the viewer to open a discussion about one’s place in the world.


Eleni Angastiniotou - Curator


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